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Marek Zelski
received his Master's Degree in Graphic Design and Painting from the Academy of Fine Art in Gdansk in 1983. The area of his expertise is in Graphic Design and Fine Art Painting. His background in the fine art field and his excellence in graphic design are armed with over 25 years of professional experience. He has lived in Toronto since 1995 and working as a visual artist and designer.

Selected Exhibitions

2009 Fine Art Workshops Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2008 Fine Art Workshops Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2006 Fine Art Workshops Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2002 Meg Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2000 Meg Gallery, Toronto, Canada
1999 Meg Gallery, Toronto, Canada
1998 Meg Gallery, Toronto, Canada
1997 Meg Gallery, Toronto, Canada
1996 Meg Gallery, Toronto, Canada
1995 Salon de Noel, Brussels, Belgium
1994 Salon de Noel, Brussels, Belgium
1992 Wahl Gallery, Warsaw , Poland
1990 Wahl Gallery, Warsaw , Poland
1990 BWA Gallery, Sopot Poland
1988 The Triangle Gallery, Oslo, Norway
1985 The Triangle Gallery, Oslo, Norway

Artist's Statement

My interest in traditional European culture began in Gdansk, the city that I chose as the location of my fine art studies. In this city, which has a rich history, there are to be found many influences of other cultures, Polish, German, Flemish, English, and French. Gdansk was one of the wealthiest ports of northern Europe. The merchants of Gdansk were among the richest art patrons and avid collectors. Countless examples of painting, sculpture and architecture from the Middle Ages to contemporary times were my specific objects of interest. During the course of my studies at the department of painting and graphic design at the Academy of Fine Art in Gdansk I tried inquisitively to learn traditional techniques of painting, the rules of composition, and the harmony of constructing a painting. Studying traditional painting I decided to utilize in my art those things that are independent of time. I attempt to construct my paintings according to harmony and order. The traditional techniques allow me to freely manipulate objects in perspective and to create optical illusions of scenes from my imagination. The subject of my paintings is the free play of subconscious associations inspired by art of the renaissance, baroque, surrealism, and contemporary computer graphics. The combination of my expertise in these techniques allows for the full realization of my ideas. I work most often within the dual medium of oil-tempera, mixed media technique, as well as pastels of my own creation. Within my paintings ranging from small to large there exists a precision and concentration of detail that gives them an intense ultimate character. This particular condensation within my paintings underpins the way they are received. The creatures that sometimes appear within my artwork help me build a specific atmosphere. Within the contemporary world of chaotic information my art tries to show another side of sensitivity rooted in tradition, harmony, and enriched with contemporary symbolism. Gdansk, the place where I studied, is a city symbolic with centuries of tradition, tolerance, and the co-existence of a multitude of cultures, a place that reminds me of the environment in which I find myself now, that of multi-cultural Canada.

Marek Zelski

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